Frequently Asked Questions

When can a student begin Segment 1?

A student can begin Segment 1 when they are 14 years and 8 months old by the first day of class.

What is included in a Segment 1 class?

The student receives 24 hours of class time and 6 hours of driving time with a certified driving instructor.  All driving is completed in one of our dual-brake cars.

What happens when Segment 1 is completed?

After a student has completed a Segment 1 class, they receive a green completion certificate.  This is NOT a driver’s license.  You must take the green certificate with other documents (listed on the back of the certificate) to the Secretary of State office to be issue your Level 1 license (or permit).

How much does the Level 1 license (permit) cost?


Who can a student drive with on their permit?

A parent, guardian or any one older than 21 can drive with the student.  Parents/guardians must give permission to drive with anyone older than 21.

When can I take Segment 2?

Segment 2 may be taken after the student has had their Level 1 license for at least 90 days and has at least 30 hours behind the wheel (2 of those hours at night).

What is covered in Segment 2 and how long is it?

Segment 2 is three days, two hours each day.  Risks and driving, the road test and any new laws pertaining to driving are covered.

Is there driving in Segment 2?

No, it is all classroom.

What happens after Segment 2?

After you have had your Level 1 license for at least 180 days with at least 50 hours of driving (10 of those hours at night), you schedule a road test.

Where do I take the road test?

Road tests are given by third-party testing companies.  A complete list of those companies are given on the Secretary of State website:

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